Tuesday, September 20, 2022


In the heart of 2020 during the pandemic, the Lord gave me a word that I shared with the church I pastor. The word the Lord gave me was: “Churches cannot return to business as usual! Those that try to, will soon die a death of irrelevancy, and soon after, will die out all together!” Brothers and Sisters, this is a very strong Prophetic word from the Lord! It has been said that we are “beings of habit.” This is true, and in addition, we are beings that like that which is familiar and comfortable, this is true even for Followers of Jesus. Even as Spirit-Empowered Believers, we seek the familiar and comfortable. I am not ashamed that I am a Pentecostal and I LOVE Pentecostal style preaching and worship! BUT, Worship services that are energized,…….Preaching that is exuberant and excitable, all of which are intrinsically good things, can become, if we are not careful, a “return” to that which is “familiar” and “comfortable;” and “NORMAL.” So many of our Pastors started broadcasting on Facebook and other media outlets, but were eager to get back to “normal.” Often times not realizing (unfortunately) that God had given to each Pastor broadcasting, a brand new “CAMPUS” and an opportunity to participate in the “Finish-Commitment” in a manner not previously engaged in. However, we LOVE “FAMILIAR;”…we love “COMFORTABLE;”…we love “NORMAL!” But our “normal” is never returning! Demonic spirits that have been kept in “reserve” for these Last of the Last-Days have now been released! And with them, manifestations of perversion and evil, the likes of which we have never seen before! Who, other than people deceived by demonic deception would look at a Young Elementary School child and think…”Hey, I wonder if they would like to be a different gender other than what they were biologically born as?” What society, other than a demonically deceived one finds an inability to describe what a woman is? Who would ever think that a person can “choose” to “identify” as whatever pops up in their mind each day? What type of society rescues dogs but cheers for, and passes legislation to kill human babies? I’ll tell you what kind society, a society experiencing the onslaught of demonic spirits now released that have been “on-deck” waiting for this Eschatological time we are now living in. Familiar?...Comfortable?...Normal?...NO my Brothers and Sisters, that is a fantasy stooped in a “Norman Rockwell” type of longing for a more simpler time; …….and it’s NOT coming back! So, what do we as Pastors do, and what are our Churches to do? We adjust! Not the Message, not the power of the Holy Spirit, not holiness; but rather, instead of longing for the “return to normal,” embrace the Eschatological time we have been blessed to live in! Go ahead and pastor your new online campus that God has given you, don’t complain about it,…embrace it! Don’t give into the temptation to “return-to-normal” but seek a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Pray that God pours out on YOUR congregation(s) the Gifts of the Spirit; Signs and Wonders; Miracles; and Healings! LET THE HOLY SPIRIT HAVE HIS WAY!!! REPENT AND PRAY FOR…….REVIVAL!!! God bless you ALL!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Day that Will Live in Infamy.....

On a sunny and quiet Sunday morning at Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor which was of course the home of America’s Pacific Fleet. There were approximately 60,000 Sailors and other military personnel stationed there, and many were still asleep either in their ship’s bunks or in their quarters on land. Some were getting ready for church; some were up eating breakfast; some were still in their beds sleeping; and a few were serving on duty. This beautiful Hawaiian morning would soon turn into a horrible fiery nightmare! At 7:55a.m., 183 Japanese aircraft raced across the mountains north of Pearl Harbor with a mission to destroy the US Fleet. These Japanese planes dropped bombs on not only the ships, but also on the fuel dumps, ammunition dumps, and the various buildings as well. While the bombs were dropping on their targets, the pilots also strafed everything in their sight, even dropping torpedoes into the water blowing up the ships docked in Pearl Harbor. The attack was a complete surprise, some went down with their ships, some drowned in the fiery water. However, those attacking planes failed to get the Aircraft Carriers at sea as well as the Ship Building Yard. It was reported that the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor wrote in his diary, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” And with this attack, and America’s subsequent entrance into World War 2, the “Greatest Generation” was born! With some sixteen million fighting Americans enlisting or being called into service, who would go on to participate in driving the Japanese and German armies to surrender, freeing the world from the tyranny that was descending upon them! My Wife Kelley and I have had the honor to visit Pearl Harbor and see the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, the U.S.S. Missouri, as well as all the other historical sites; which left an indelible mark upon both of us. Today, December 7, 2021, as I contemplate this day of remembrance for the United States, I can’t help but think about the recent attacks of the devil against the Church of Jesus Christ. And somewhere, I believe some “Head Demon” is thinking……….” I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve!” The Church of Jesus Christ IS that “Sleeping Giant” that is now awakening as we see the fulfillment of our Lord’s Prophetic pronouncements in Matthew 24 about the Last of the Last-Days! The “AWAKENING” is ………. REVIVAL! And “pockets” of Revival are being experienced and reported all over America, as well as other parts of the world! We are not the “WOKE” crowd, but we are the “AWAKENING” crowd; the Church of Jesus Christ; The Bride of Christ, and it’s time to drive Spiritual tyranny from the world! Habakkuk 3:2 “I have heard all about you, Lord. I am filled with awe by your amazing works. In this time of our deep need, help us again as you did in years gone by. And in your anger, remember your mercy.”

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Eyes Wide Open!

THIS IS NOT POLITICAL….. But as Followers of Jesus living in the Last of the Last-Days, the world desperately needs to hear our guidance as we navigate the slow spread of socialism and the marginalization of the Church of Jesus Christ. Now I sadly realize how many of our Brothers and Sisters; our peers; have gone on to be with the Lord from this dreaded Man-Made disease called Covid-19. My heart grieves for their Families, as I rejoice for them being at home with their Lord! Notwithstanding, we are on a “slippery-slope” to a loss of freedoms within the Body of Christ. With shut-downs, control, and mandates being the mantra of those seeking to “reset” our world, we need to be fully aware that the “reset” many godless people have in mind, will only seek to silence the Church of Jesus Christ. What the enemy has not truly anticipated is the great “Ecclesia-Reset” that is taking place! A Remnant from most denominations are being awakened by the Holy Spirit, to RISE-UP and lead the advancement of the Kingdom of God, in this last great “AWAKENING” that is being facilitated by many within the Body of Christ as they cry out to God in REPENTANCE! Revival is breaking in upon us! The Charismata is being manifested in the most unlikely places and through the most unlikely groups! Recently, a Baptist Church close to us, changed its name to reflect its newly found purpose and power. The Pastor was Baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to speak in Tongues! Truly, the Lord meant what He said through the Prophet Joel when He said: “In the Last Days, I will pour our my Spirit upon ALL People!” How thrilling it is to be living in this time! Pastors, Ministers, and Lay People; are you ready to lead? Are you ready to influence our Culture? Keep your eyes open and be aware of all of the Socialistic attempts to silence the True Body of Christ. But most importantly, keep your eyes and ears open to the Holy Spirit! Pray,…..Repent,……And seek God for the ……. “FINAL REFORMATION” before Christ’s Return! God Bless You ALL!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Grace to the Prophets!

I know that some on here are upset at the prophecies that were given by people who claimed that President Trump would be elected for a second term. I get it! We need to hold each other accountable to the Word of God, in fact, for the 39 years I have been a credentialed minister with the COG, the majority of that as a Senior Pastor, I have always encouraged our people to hold what I preach accountable to the Word of God. But with that accountability, we also need to extend grace as we hold them accountable. You know, the same grace that has been extended to us as Pastors, when we preached vehemently things that were not exactly biblically accurate. Accountability with Grace! I believe in the 5-Fold (some say 4 because of the conjunction “and” between Pastor and Teacher) Leadership Ministry Gifting from the Holy Spirit. I believe what Dr. French Arrington, in his book “Encountering the Holy Spirit” writes concerning the gifts of the Modern-Day Apostle and Prophet as much as I believe in Modern-Day Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers! Some have brought up the truth that if we were still living in the Old Testament days, these Prophets would be stoned. The good news is, according to Hebrews, we are living under a “better covenant” (Hebrews 8:6)! That covenant is in Christ, and while we hold to a bibliocentric theology, we do so within the context of this “better Covenant” extending the same grace that has been extended to us. With this said, here is a link to a really good exhortation about this issue from Dutch Sheets. DUTCH SHEETS

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Joy is a MUCH-Needed Antidote!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but a LOT of people have been putting up Christmas lights and decorations much earlier than in previous years! It is Thanksgiving Eve, and for the past 3-weeks my wife Kelley and I have been seeing a lot of these decorations going up. Why? Because people are DESPERATE for some JOY in the midst of all this gloom and darkness, with lock-downs and restrictions, and NOW an all-out assault on the Holiday of THANKSGIVING! The Word of God in Nehemiah 8:10 declares this very important need: “And Nehemiah continued, “Go and celebrate with a feast of rich foods and sweet drinks, and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” Our outdoor Christmas lights and blow-ups have already been up for almost a week now! Brothers and Sisters, people NEED the joy of the Christmas season! They need hope! They need the “light shining in the darkness” even though many in the world may not understand the symbolism of all these Christmas lights shining. They may not understand that symbolically, these lights we string represents “THE” Light shining into the spiritual darkness! John 1:4-5 “The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it!” Brothers and Sisters, ……………HANG THE LIGHTS!........PUT UP THE BLOW-UPS!........PUT OUT THE DECORATIONS! The world DESPERATELY needs the Church to “take the stage” that has been set for us during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and bring the JOY and the Peace that is only found in Christ! God bless you, Happy Thanksgiving, and…………….MERRY CHRISTMAS!.........Go embrace the JOY!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Are You Ready?

Regardless of who wins in November in our General election for President, there will be violence. If President Trump wins a second term, there will be violence in the streets, as anarchists terrorize innocent people and businesses, and destroy more property. The election results will be contested and fought against in a manner that we have never seen before. If Joe Biden wins, there will also be violence, just of a different nature. He has already stated that he will move to have the horribly evil abortion practices of New York enacted in every state and territory of the United States. That means that babies, the most innocent among us, will be murdered in the most inhumane and evil fashion, right up to the day of their birth. In addition, in order to fund his agenda, he will come after the Tax Exempt status of churches, forcing many to either shut their doors completely or have to merge with other churches to be able to afford this new tax. Masks, will become a life norm, but many will after a while, begin to rebel against it, which will lead to additional civil unrest. The questions are: Are we ready for what’s coming? And, is there an answer to our situation? To the first question, I hope you are praying and getting ready and to the second question, there is only ONE solution to the current situation we find ourselves in. AMERICA MUST RETURN TO GOD! And in order for this to happen, the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST MUST REPENT AND BE REVIVED! The reality of this follows the principles God spoke to Solomon after the dedication of the Temple and his Palace, which most of us have referenced or preached since March in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Here is the dynamic to this: We, God’s People, humble ourselves (not being forced to repent, but repenting because we have offended a Holy God)We earnestly pray and seek God and His Glorygenuinely embrace a REPENTANCE as a lifestyle and not an eventGod WILL hear our prayers and God WILL HEAL………OUR LAND! This dynamic is the ONLY response that will affect the change that America needs! Hebrews 11……..”They changed nations,……they routed foreign armies,…..AND THE WORLD WAS NOT WORTHY OF THEM…….is ready to be enacted again! The Revived Church IS “THE” answer to America’s woe’s BUT AMERICA MUST RETURN TO GOD, ……AND THE CHURCH MUST LEAD THE WAY HOME! Are you ready? God bless you!

Friday, August 14, 2020


I DO NOT PREACH POLITICS….. I was called to preach the Word of God, not political ideals and talking-points. So, what follows is not based in political ideals but Biblical values and truth, and I present it in that manner. I have been in the ministry for a number of years now, and I have been through numerous election cycles. I am a political person, and will indeed discus my opinions with someone over coffee, but not from the pulpit. I do not preach saying “endorse this candidate or that candidate”. Instead, I preach Biblical values and teach and lead people to apply these Biblical values to their political choices. But this election season of 2020 is vastly different! We are seeing an evil, reserved for the last of the Last-Days manifested, that we have NEVER seen before! The spirit of antichrist is working on “overtime!” With that being said, there has been something very heavy on my heart! I went to bed the other night with a strong sense of a need to repent and so I did!..........And what I repented of, was both personal and corporate, much like the Prophet Isaiah when he said…”I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell among a people of unclean lips!” I felt a very heavy sense that we the Body of Christ need to desperately repent of our inactivity both personally and corporately in taking a stand against the plague of abortion in our land! At this time, Complicity is a very interesting term and one I think in this year is very apropos. To cast our vote(s) for candidates who openly endorse the evil antichrist behavior of the murder of children (abortion) I believe makes us complicit in their sin, and we will be judged for it if we do. I do not say that in a “politically-manipulative” manner, but in a Biblio-centric manner, knowing that our actions will be judged by God. I have heard several on Facebook who are Christians complain about the “rudeness” of our President and the brash manner in which he sometimes speaks, ……I get that, but how can that possibly be compared with MURDER? And not a “HUMANE” manner of murder, but the MOST painful cruel manner in which to kill the most innocent among us, who NEVER asked to be conceived! But out of a desire to “PLAY without PAY” sexually, we destroy the results of our promiscuity. And what is SO deeply disturbing to me as a Follower of Jesus is Ministers and Laity alike who say they are His Followers as well, and even Filled with the Holy Spirit, but yet they would dare to be complicit in this type of evil. God open our eyes, because the deception of the last of the Last-Days has fallen upon us, ………. And in the words of Jesus,……..”If possible, to deceive even the very elect!” And I believe some of us, who I believe are truly redeemed, have fallen pray to this “release” of this End-Time spirit of deception in regards to many things, including this election. Those who in my opinion, are deceived construct a quasi-moral opposition to one candidate while embracing the sins of another, in this case, ………. The murderous abortion of babies! What explanation can one offer when one equates rudeness or brashness on the same level as the grotesque cruel inhumane murder of babies, other than a spirit of deception? It is time for both PERSONAL and CORPORATE Repentance over our sins and our “comfortableness” and inactivity in regards to abortion as the Church of Jesus Christ! And it is time to ask the Holy Spirit to “OPEN” our eyes and spiritual discernment to the spirit of antichrist that fills this election cycle, and see that there is NO POSSIBLE way that a Follower of Jesus can endorse a candidate who supports the inhumane murder of babies! Please do not be so naive to think that this is merely Political ideological differences; Republican vs. Democrat, it is NOT! But this IS the spirit of Christ vs. the spirit of antichrist,………evil vs. righteousness! Be informed and vote wisely,………….We will be judged for every action and also for every inactivity we do in this life! God bless you!